Shubhashish Mukherjee

This website is not being maintained since 2012
In 2023, we just updated a recent picture of Shubhashish and added this old CD from year 2000

Click here or on the picture to listen to all 9 tracks

Track 1 Namo Vighna Vinasha (5:13)
Track 2 Giridhar Gopala Sai (5:59)
Track 3 Jagatoddharana Parti Viharana (6:18)
Track 4 Araj Suno Mere Paramkrupala (5:56)
Track 5 Keshava Madhava (7:22)
Track 6 Bhavnasha Putapartipurisha (4:38)
Track 7 Sundar Sundar Nache Sundar (3:18)
Track 8 Akhanda Jyoti Jwalao (4:38)
Track 9 Sai Bhajana bina sukh shanti nahi (5:33)

YouTube Channel

Even though this website has not been really updated since 2012,
we recently collected some old aucio/videos clips and uplaoded to YouTube.

Clik here for the the Playlist of 13 old audio/video clips.

Some of these are also on this page.


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